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Kavaca Ceramic Window Tinting NW Indiana

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The nano-ceramic and nano-carbon technologies in KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Tint Film is the first in its class. The combination of these technologies makes for window film with qualities we could have only dreamt about just a few years ago. The advancements in nano-technology spearheaded by our experience in ceramic coatings have made the creation of this IR film possible. For the first time ever you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the most advanced film technologies with none of the drawbacks of traditional window tints.


The Most Technologically Advanced Window Films in the industry



Simply put, KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Film is the most advanced automotive window film ever created. Utilizing our proprietary nano ceramic technology, we’ve been able to create window tint film that blocks up to 96% of infrared heat – giving you the ultimate indoor cabin experience. Our window films also provide superior protection against cancer causing UV rays, keeping you and your passengers safer.

KAVACA CERAMIC IR is the ultimate Window Film, manufactured with state of the art technology. Ceramic Pro has formulated a proprietary formulation of nano-ceramic technology with an IR layer to deliver excellent heat rejection, glare control and UV protection that is metal-free; supporting signal clarity for all types of electronic devices. KAVACA Ceramic IR lets you customize your car with any of the 6 shades offered, without sacrificing clarity nor the loss in heat rejection with clear VLTs. KAVACA Ceramic IR advanced technology offers a non-reflective, color stable finish that will not fade over time.

Definitive Details is an Elite Ceramic Pro Dealer. Ceramic Pro has many years of experience in the industry of vehicle and surface protection. KAVACA Window Films have been designed and tested with extensive research to give you the top looks and performance. This advanced technology in KAVACA Ceramic IR provide you:


KAVACA Ceramic IR contains a proprietary blend of nano-ceramic particles and IR blocking materials, which results in blocking up to 96% of the infrared heat you feel. This makes the interior of your car much more comfortable.


KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Tint Film provides protection from Infrared heat and harmful UV radiation. Just as importantly, in case of shattered glass, the pieces of sharp glass tend to stay together as they are stuck to the film.


Customize your vehicle by choosing between multiple shades of KAVACA Ceramic IR. There is no sacrifice to heat rejection with light VLTs. This means you can get the same benefits of darker film even if you prefer more transparency.


KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Film is formulated to prevent skin damage that can lead to skin cancer. Rated at SPF500, KAVACA IR blocks 99%+ of harmful UV radiation protecting you, your passengers and the interior of your vehicle.


Radio, GPS, & Bluetooth signals will have zero interference due to the use of nano-ceramic technology. This means the heat rejection and UV filtering is done with microscopic ceramic particles rather than metals.


KAVACA Ceramic IR is guaranteed NOT to FADE, nor turn purple. No bubbling, no peeling and no cracking for the LIFETIME of the Film. You get the benefits of great looks, outstanding heat rejection and UV filtering for the long haul.

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