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Best Exterior Detailing Valparaiso, Indiana

Keep your vehicle looking its best with

a professional exterior detail by Definitive Details in Valparaiso, Indiana

We do more than just hand-wash your car!

Definitive Details offers the exterior car detailing your vehicle craves to stay looking its best. If you’ve been searching for a detailing shop you can trust, look no further than our experts.

We guarantee quality in all of our work and have set the standards for excellence throughout the past 15 years in the industry.

The best way to keep your vehicle looking like new and maintain its value is to schedule a regular car detail with our team.

Our Exterior Touch Up package will give your car the refresh it needs and keep your it looking sharp.

The Exterior Touch Up Package includes an exterior hand wash of the wheels and painted surfaces – the wheels come first as to prevent further scratching the paint with built up brake dust. The car gets completely dried to prevent water spots from forming. Next, we shine the tires and do an exterior wipe down of the windows and glass. This package is an excellent value and the perfect car detailing package to help your vehicle maintain its value. We recommend this package for those who have protected their investment with a Ceramic Pro coating, to keep the added shine looking its best. Our team has over 15+ years of experience and are passionate about making your vehicle look its best. We use the best products available in the industry and guarantee our work.

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Sometimes the exterior finish needs more than just a wash.

We offer paint correction to get rid of the damages done by automatic car washes and every day wear and tear. We have a variety of paint protection services including ceramic coating to protect your car from UV damage and oxidation as well as clear bra, or paint protection film, to give an added layer of protection.

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Exterior Detail Valparaiso

We'll make your vehicle looks its best with our hand car wash and exterior detail

Our Exterior Detail Package includes:

  • Hand-wash using Non-Marring Techniques
  • Detail and Shine Wheels and Tires
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Apply Dressing to All Plastics and Rubber Trim

We’ll clean every crack and crevice to provide you with auto detailing perfection. We will give your vehicle a matte, satin or gloss look, all of which are dry to the touch. We use the highest quality products on the market, so you won’t have to worry about a greasy finish.

Surfaces are UV protected to ensure maintenance for your investment.

Protect the things in life you care about. Let us take care of your auto detailing.

We offer a wide array of services to take care of your vehicle inside and out.

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