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Professionally installed paint protection film is the best way to protect your car's finish

We offer the best PPF installation available at our Valparaiso, IN location.

Preserve Your Car's Shine with Paint Protection Film!

PPF, also known as clear bra, is the best way to protect your vehicle from the outside elements. PPF is a nearly invisible polyurethane film that is stretched over the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle and applied using an adhesive. It is designed to protect your painted surfaces, and other materials, from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and other types of physical damage like rock chips and minor scratches. Your vehicle is an investment that you have spent quite a bit of time and money on – it is something you are proud of. Protecting it with paint protection film Valparaiso is a great way to ensure that this investment will last for the long haul without having to be repainted. Whether it’s your daily driver or your weekend car, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is protected.

When making the decision to have ppf installed on your vehicle, make sure you choose a shop with experience who you can trust to perform outstanding work. At Definitive Details our techs have been trained in the professional installation of paint protection film Valparaiso. We use the clearest, best performing paint protection film Valparaiso available. Our installers have the experience to provide a finished product with no visible seams or edges.

From front-end protection to fully wrapping a vehicle, we can customize a protection package to your exact needs.

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Keep your vehicle looking flawless

At Definitive Details we offer several different paint protection film Valparaiso packages for you to choose from. They all provide various levels of surface coverage, but all protect the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle.

We offer our Bumper & Headlights Package, Partial Front Package, Full Front Package, and our Full Car Package. We use films from Ceramic Pro, the industry leader in nano ceramic paint protection.

Ceramic Pro KAVACA Ceramic Coated is the ultimate in PPF. It has incredible clarity, it is self-healing, stain resistant, and is incredibly glossy. Maintaining your paint will be an absolute breeze. With the power of Ceramic Pro coating, dirt and debris will easily slide off your paint surfaces with just a basic detail! Contact our team at Definitive Details for more information about the best paint protection film Valparaiso area.

For added protection, KAVACA Paint Protection Film Valparaiso can be topped with a custom formulated Ceramic Pro 9H Vinyl and PPF nano ceramic coating. The combination of two of the most advanced surface protection products results in an impressive cosmetic effect, improved overall protection of the surface and the ultimate shield of protection. Learn more about us today!

PPF - Definitive Details

Why should you invest in Paint Protection Film for your vehicle?

  • Helps to protect the vehicle’s paint and other materials from road debris – with extreme gloss or a rich matte finish.
  • Can be applied as a front bumper package, clear bra, full front, or entire vehicle clear paint protection film Valparaiso.
  • Up to a 12 Year Limited Warranty – Highest Among Protective Film
  • Superior Scratch Resistance for the Painted Surface, the hood, fender, side view mirrors, headlights, and more.
  • Exceptional clarity. Bonds directly to the clear coat of factory paint and helps to reduce swirl marks better than other paint protection films.
  • Excellent protection on automotive paint against bug splatter, stone chips, stain resistance, salt, road grime, and ice or snow.

Definitive Details proudly serves Valparaiso, Indiana, and surrounding areas with professional application of the best paint protection films in the industry

The best products in the industry

Dedicated team committed to outstanding results

Certified Professionally Trained PPF Installers

Paint Protection Film Options

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The Front Bumper package provides protection to the full front of your bumper, headlights, and fog lights.

It is great from protecting the very front end of your vehicle from our Indiana roads.

This package provides the least amount of coverage, but will adequately protect from rock chips and other debris you may encounter.


The Partial Front Package provides a bit more coverage than our Front Bumper Package.

Using KAVACA Ceramic Coated, we cover the full front of your bumper, headlights, 1/3 of your hood and fenders, and your front side mirrors.

This package will greatly prevent the road rash your vehicle tends to get from frequent highway driving.


The Full Front Bumper package provides protection to the entire front end of your vehicle.

It covers your full front bumper, full hood, full fenders, front side mirrors, headlights, fog lights, and door cups.

Road rash is a thing of the past with this package!


The Full Car Package offers full body protection!

it provides the ultimate level of coverage, protection and peace of mind.

Drive comfortably knowing that your vehicle is fully protected from bumper to bumper against the outside elements.

Now offering KAVACA® Instant Healing Paint Protection Film

Infused with proprietary nanotechnology – permitting the top layer to heal minor scratches, without the introduction of heat or friction

Installation is attached to your car, truck, or SUVs CarFax Vehicle History Report  to reflect in your car’s value.

  • Extreme high gloss surface
  • Instant scratch healing without heating
  • Slick surface due to nanoceramic top coat
  • Reduced orange peel and no glue marks with PPF installation gel
  • Advanced chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Limited lifetime warranty

We are Auotmotive Perfectionists

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Tesla Paint Protection Film

Genesis Paint Protection Film

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