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Auto Detailing, Window Tinting near Michigan City, Indiana

Definitive Details offers everything you need to make your vehicle look better than new!

Our professional automotive detailing shop is located just a short drive from Michigan City.

Definitive Details is here to protect your investment in every way possible. From clear bra, to ceramic coating, to the best car window tinting in the Michigan City area – we do it all! We offer paint protection in the form of ceramic coating and clear bra. Our different packages offer various levels of protection using products from industry leader Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Pro KAVACA is designed to protect your painted surfaces, and other materials, from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and other types of physical damage like rock chips and minor scratches. Ceramic Pro coating is designed to make maintenance a breeze. In addition to PPF and coating, we also offer window tint from Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Pro KAVACA window tint films are some of the most advanced films on the market today. There truly is nothing better to protect your, your passengers, and your interior. Protect your investment both inside and out with our services here at Definitive Details.